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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Find out what makes the lake so magical that it draws tourists from near and far. The year's current distinctive shape did not develop by accident. The current lake was formerly located in a tectonic rift created over time by the Bohinj glacier. The current island is all that is left after being repeatedly scraped off a large boulder that blocked its progress. As the ice melted and the basin filled with water, Lake Bled—which is up to 30 meters deep in certain areas and is very well-liked by divers—emerged. The lake is home to 19 different species of fish, including carp, sheatfish, and lake trout. On its surface, different vegetation and ducks and swans swim and prosper.

There are many fantastic things to do at Lake Bled and the surrounding area. Bled is situated in the stunning Julian Alps. Despite the fact that Bled is a popular tourist destination, Lake Bled is beautiful, so why not go there? You only need to envision a fairy tale to get there.

Things to do at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Walk or ride a bike around Lake Bled.

The obvious reason to visit Bled is Lake Bled, and as the paved route around the lake is only 6 km long, visitors of all fitness levels may easily stroll or cycle around it. You may see Bled Castle and The Church of the Assumption from various perspectives by traveling around the lake. I could gaze at this lake for hours!

If you enjoy taking pictures, trees provide for great frames, and in the winter, the town puts up a heart-shaped wreath for couples to take adorable photos with.

At Lake Bled, cycling is a stress-free activity to engage in, but walking is also an option. A paved path leads to a delightful stroll. If you like biking or hiking you might check outdoor agency in Bled town center, they have a variety things trips or bike rentals to choose from. Renting an eBike from them is also a great way to see more of the area with less effort.

Swimming in the Lake Bled

When Lake Bled reaches 24 degrees or more in the summer, join the people there to cool off.

For those who would prefer some shade, Grajsko Kopališče, also known as the Castle Bathing Area, offers comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas (for rent). They also have a jump board and slides. From June through September, Grajsko Kopališče is open for business.

You can even have a swim on the Lake Bled's Island. You can reach the island either by a traditional Pletna boat, rent of of the wooden boats to row yourself and the popular Clear Kayak Bled™ tour will also stop at the island for a short brake from paddling.

Hike to the best viewpoint in Bled, Osojnica

There are 15 marked treks in the area of Bled that require leaving the paved road and climbing a hill, but they have the benefit of offering a vantage point, like Osojnica.

The duration of hikes ranges from 20 minutes to three hours. If you left your hiking boots at home, no worries, Bled Castle has some beautiful views too. For some other hikes you can also check

Be prepared for a bit rough trail, so wear proper shoes, as there is a bit of Via Ferrata cable towards the top
Ojstrica, No. 1 viewpoint in Bled, according to Lonely Planet

Visit Bled Castle

According to records, Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia and it has a magnificent view of Lake Bled.

The Julian Alps and the Karavanke mountain ranges can also be seen from the castle terrace in addition to the lake. The walls of the castle are Romanesque, while the houses are Renaissance-style, contrastingly symbolizing two historical eras.

When it's raining in Bled, a peek inside the castle would be the perfect activity.

The famous Bled Cream Cake

There are more things to try besides the Slovenian Lake, like eating.

This custard treat, which is officially named as Cremeschnitte but is more commonly referred to as Kremšnita or Bled Cream Cake, can be purchased at the majority of cafes and eateries in the heart of Bled. Keep in mind that only a few places have the "original" recipe.

Local specialty bled cake is consumed with coffee. The calorie-dense dessert fantasy is a Lake Bled draw for individuals with a sweet craving, it resembles a custard slice.

All aboard, boats on Lake Bled

A hit or miss activity in Bled is the boat rides.

There are several opportunities around the lake to hire a boat and paddle to The Church of the Assumption on Lake Bled Island in the middle of the lake. Arms sore from lifting the fork from your plate to mouth?

You can hire a boat with a captain, the Pletna, so s/he can do all the hard work for you! There is also a special, fun and mesmerizing tour with clear kayaks on the lake.

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