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10 Years of Experience

With 10 years of experience in the kayaking adventures and unique activities in Slovenia, we are adding yet one more, this time its clear kayak. Starting of with the most popular spot in the country, on famous Lake Bled. Our staff will make sure you are safely having fun as you paddle along.


The Fleet

For Lake Bled we currently have 5 kayaks available (2 seaters), therefore we can accommodate groups up to 10 people per tour. Tours can be held every two hours, depending on the availability for the day.

Our guides have their own single sit-on-top kayaks. Paddles and life vests are provided for all participants.


Our kayaks are made from quality polycarbonate material, transparent, so you can observe flora & fauna beneath you and very stable on the water. Kayaks are illuminated with LED lights for the sunset/night tours. Each of our clear kayaks can suit maximum up to two participants and maximum ten participants per tour. Each participant should be minimum six years of age. 


Our Destinations in Bled Area

We are momentarily present at these next destinations in Bled area:

- Lake Bled

Franchising, a clear way up!


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pr1mo tours can reach new markets by franchising its business model and hiring regional owner-operators who will use the same name, suppliers, and other processes. As economies of scale become more appealing, franchisees should be committed to expanding their business through tours, rentals, and possibly even kayak sales. Due to the market's rapid development, quick market coverage and expansion are essential to building a substantial market share.

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